Mirroring words that are spoken can be very clarifying. Patterns of unconscious habits settle in the expression unnoticed. They are not recognized, because they feel so normal.

They became part of the identity, which turns out to consist of conclusions about old experiences. Conclusions often are inacurate interpretations of what supposedly happened.

Much of that comes from childhood. When this confusion is brought into the light, a long series of beliefs falls apart. The gentle here and now is experienced again.

This technique also points to wrong ideas in the mind, by giving feedback on the essence of thought-patterns. The layers underneath them will be revealed.

Usually there is frozen past in these layers. They seem necessary to back up (wrong) ideas about life and safeguard the separate self. The loving light and space of awareness softens the tension.

Humor and a sense of openness come back, allowing the stream of life to be fully experienced. Expression, inward as well as outward, gets a ground of true Presence.


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