Deep Looking

Deep Looking (intuitive communication) describes how you are with life and the themes that play a role there. The ideas behind your attitude in life are brought into the light. It will be clear how projections are being formed and resistance to them is evoked in your attitude.

Deep Looking gives insight in patterns and convictions and reveals where they come from. In natural openness underlaying layers of old confusion are allowed to be experienced, so they can become soft and easier to let go of. The weight disappears in the clarity of direct perception.

In a safe atmosphere you are invited to recognize and realize that you are not your habits. In the Light of your true nature the survival mechanisms of the false self will dissolve. Attention drops from the ego-realm back into what you really are. Acceptation happens naturally.

Deep Looking brings awareness of the gentleness of the one Being and the undividable Mystery. Truly recognized Oneness transforms communication from 'a battle to be' into Presence. Strength and intuition are able to unfold in a unique way, in the direct Intimacy of the one Life.


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