Body Language

The body has an inner wisdom, that can be obscured by ideas in the mind. These have to ensure overview and understanding, in order to generate the feeling of safety.

Very early the child is lured into an 'adult' attitude. The warmth of Life is replaced by the pseudo-safety of collective 'knowledge'. The direct experience of innocence and Life fades.

Ideas about past and future, keep the sense of being away from the experience of the lively Now. Resistance - to what is - grows, forcing the attention to be focused on something else.

This mental cramp shows itself in the posture of the body, the facial expression, the eyes, the skin and the gestures. The layers behind that tell the story of alienation.

Accepting and shedding light on those layers, is relaxing and soothing. Belief in the alienation withdraws and transforms into the loving safety of being present Now.


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