Being Open

In a safe atmosphere you are invited to be aware of the warmth of your being. In this natural Openness there is room for everything you may find difficult as a person.

Your Being has no judgement to the person. What was suppressed and put away can reveal itself in safety. Weight drops out of the attitude and your sense of being… gentleness and humor can be experienced again.

Being there - and staying open to what presents itself - is a dismantling as well as a softening strength. This is because it is realized that Being happens naturally. It is deeply felt that the constructions of the shadow self need permanent maitenance and are a constant source of fear.

You will be reminded of the unimaginable resilience of natural Being. Attention that seemed to be imprisoned in personal imaginations surrenders and drops back in the safety of your Being.

Defence (anger) is fear that was instructed to protect old injuries. This contraction softens in the openness of your Light… it dissolves in the truth of Being.


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