An Intuitive Consulting is an open meeting. Consultings happen in my practice, by phone or through Skype. In a quiet atmosphere convictions and ideas to which you cling become visible, as well as the effect of them in your life. The psychological self comes into the Light. Realization of who you truly are opens the mind and burns identifications.

Hidden Motivations

During a consultation several services can be applied. This depends on the theme, and is also determined by the intensity of the topic or the attitude you have towards that. In an open setting there is no judgement, making it safe for vulnerable themes or hidden motivations to be shown.

Clearing of the Mind

In direct Awareness misconceptions are seen through in a psychological context. This clearing of the mind has a deep relaxing effect in the attitude and the body. Guided meditation opens the mind to 'difficult' themes. This brings clarity to the senses. There is always the reminder of your true Nature, which is peaceful and free.

In a safe environment you are invited to be honest with yourself, so whatever bothers you can reveal itself and become soft in the Light that you are. Living from this inner Wholeness makes your appearance in de world bright and passionate. It brings trust and relaxation in daily life.

Services that can be applied:
Being Open: Natural Being, open and safe, allowing everything
Deep Looking: Verbalization of your attitude, essentials behind your life-themes
Healing: Softening and release of tension, from openness and wholeness
Grounding: Attention back in the body on earth
Meditation: Guiding awareness inwards
Expression: Attitude, ideas or habits behind your words
Body Language: Layers behind posture, facial expression and movement

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