Mountain Lion



With clarity and love everything reminds of Who is leading silently, gracefully providing from freedom all with all.

This is consciousness with no inhibitions, observing its surroundings… acting spontaneously. The direct flow, or Intimacy, gets distorted through clinging to the past and pondering on the future.

Awareness of Light is dulled, keeping the sense of being hypnotized in a false notion of I. A fearful ego obstructs the flow of Life, from resistance to Grace. Fear of death reigns the separated mind.

Cougar embodies the courage to be present as Light-Love. Abuse of power is distrust in Grace, which feeds on cherished past. Judging misunderstood past yields revenge. A position of power has to compensate the battered sense of self (illusion of I).

Silently the one Master leads. Non-demanding, non-expecting, as the Light and Love from which Life is flowing. In every life-form He is the sense of being, which is Love-Light in action. Being learns to be guided by this loving Light… against the current of lies, fear and habit.