Animal Cards


Based on the wonderful book Medicine Cards,
by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

In 1988 I discovered the Medicine Cards. Immediately I recognized the power of the animals and the depth of the messages in the book. It was of great help in getting to know my true nature.

The true Self revealed itself. It turned out to be one with the Animal essence… or rather one with the One Life in All.

In november 1993 I started my Practice for Intuitive Consulting. Shortly after that I began writing words to the images of the animals. They are not better than the original words, but simply related to my own process of becoming aware of my true Nature, or the Stillness of the one Self.

The 52 Animal Cards represent different aspects of the undividable One, or Thát which cannot be captured in words. They point to the activeness of that One, which expresses Itself according to circumstances. This One is before everything the absolute Reality which carries all… God, Love, Light or Consciousness.

This underlying Silence is your true nature. 'Above' It an imagined person evolves. Directed outwards it forgets its divinity. That with which it identifies creates alienation.

Cosmos is God's Will, to which the sense of being can surrender. Consciousness is the screen of Silence, on which the world (will of God) appears… it is not caught by its own projections.

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