Frits van der Ploeg - 1951

frits van der ploeg

I was always searching. Outside I was seeking happiness, approval, 'good' feelings, salvation… and found no fulfillment. There came recognition of the great Yearning, of that I was looking for Peace. The big admitting started, during an intense process of accepting and of becoming aware.

The search ended in the discovery of an inner 'center' of spaciousness and freedom, where inside and outside are one, where my true Nature of Peace and Love resides.

Then came the realization that being is not an object, or a separate self traveling through time, but the one self-luminous Awareness, the one Light…

Suddenly it was clear that appearances are not separate from me or each other… there is just this individable Wholeness… This One, which is not a one, revealed itself.

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